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PawFit Veterinary Physiotherapy Services

We'll do all we can to help your pet live their best lives

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When asked, most people would say physiotherapy is the stretching and massage of muscles and soft tissue. This is partially true, and even though physiotherapy has advanced, there are still many benefits to these techniques:
- Helps speed recovery from injury, trauma or illness
- Relaxes muscular tension
- Increase supply of oxygen to the muscles
- Helps maintain suppleness and flexibility of joints
- Creates a bond between patient and therapist (which helps with advanced treatments)
- Some basic techniques can be taught to clients to continue treatment at home


Electro Therapy

We have multiple available electro therapies, including; TENS, NEMS, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy, Ultrasound and Laser.

Our most often used therapy is Laser, this is due to our past successes and its many benefits for a relatively simple treatment:

- Anti-inflammatory effect

- Pain relief

- Accelerated tissue repair

- Soothes muscle tension

- Reduction of scar tissue

- Improves nerve function

- Passive treatment (the patient does nothing)

- Completely painless (most patients fall asleep)


Hydrotherapy Pool

We have a heated 5.5x3.5m hydrotherapy pool, fitted with controllable water jets. It has gradually sloping ramps and rest platforms.
The added buoyancy of the water, and with addition of floatation aids, creates a partial or non-weight bearing environment. 

Benefits include:
- Removes pressure from joints during exercise
- Reduces inflammation 
- Increased circulation 
- Increased muscle mass
- Improved strength and stamina


Underwater Treadmill

Our top of the range treadmill is fully digitally controlled, can be inclined or declined and can go forward and reverse.
The underwater treadmill allows for a precise amount of water to be added, and the correct speed maintained, to suit the needs of individual patients.
The benefits are the same as the pool, but also include:

- Allows for more controlled movement

- Gait re-education
- Encourages equal weight bearing

- Some dogs feel more comfortable when they can touch the floor

- Can be used 'dry' for patients that don't like water


Rehabilitation Exercise

The types and variations of exercises our team can come up with for your pet to aid recovery are endless. This is the most interactive part of physiotherapy, and the part that the patient and therapist enjoy the most. We try our hardest to turn all exercises into a fun game, and it doesn't hurt that treats are always involved.
We have multiple pieces of equipment to use, and most clients are often surprised with what their pets can achieve in the name of rehabilitation.


Home Visits

We understand that some patients can't travel or get stressed visiting new places (and also, we are next door to the vets!), so we can accommodate home visits within a reasonable distance.
Other than hydrotherapy, we can still provide your pet with full rehabilitation treatment at home. All the electrotherapy equipment is portable, and we can bring as much exercise equipment as we can fit in the van.

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