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PawFit Veterinary Physiotherapy

I first learned of Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2010 while qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse, and from that point, I knew that is what I wanted to do. So while working as a Veterinary Nurse, I started looking into following my dream.
I began my Veterinary Physiotherapy degree in 2015 while still working full-time, and graduated from Harper Adams University in 2017 with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy (a subject I now teach part time at the university).
PawFit began in 2017 as a mobile business, just me and my van travelling to my patient's homes, and although I strived to provide the best treatment I could, there's a limit to what I could fit in a van (towing a pool wasn't an option). In 2019, I was luckily offered a large section of the new Leonard Brothers vets building in Whitchurch, so started setting up my rehab centre. I took the risk, and fitted out the centre with the best equipment available so I could provide the very best care, and in December 2020, during the pandemic, I opened the doors for the first time.
At Pawfit, our standard of care and treatment is the highest possible. We are all pet owners, and we know how we'd expect our pets to be cared for, so we care for your pet the in same way. We also know that every animal is an individual, so we tailor everything to your pet, and we give our all to help them have the best possible life.

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